Top E-learning provider in Vietnam

With nearly 10 years of  experience in providing E-learning services for banks, corporations, organizations…

Providing/Leasing E-learning management systems

Leasing virtual offices/classes

Digitalizing, building E-learning contents

Building/Leasing online examination systems

Providing training course bank for leaders and employees


Primary functions of learning management systems (LMS)

Teaching and learning online

With E-learning, businesses are capable of creating E-learning courses in different topics and formats: video, SCORM, xAPI, pdf, word, excel, png, as well as creating forums, surveys

Online examing

Businesses can designing questions and tests in the forms of multiple choices, fill in the blanks, drag and click,...These can be used for examing events, assessments, recruitments,...or symply self-assessment.

Virtual offices/classes

With many modules requiring face-to-face meetings such as soft skills, or classified ìnformation, businesses can utilize real-time virtual offices with many connecting points.

Training management

Academics affairs/Traing deparments can ealsily keep track of training process of every department, position, they can keep track of every course, file, occasion, topic,...


E-learning lecture formats available

Lecturer video-recording

Instead of teaching face-to-face using slideshows, we record lecturer on white background (or any other colors) using green screen in OES’s very own studio, and the lecture contents are represented in animation format to coordinate with the lecturer.

Real-life situations video-recording

Suitable for instruction videos, application videos such as orientation courses for new employees, product services courses,...OES can execute intricate real-life videos as well as professional animation.

Animated lectures

OES transform course lessons into animation which involve graphic characters, texts, images, movements,..This format is suitable for situational exercises, intro, outro, transitions,…

Interactive lectures

E-learning lectures are exported as html format (SCORM, xAPI,…), which support interactions between users and E-learning courses such as: gamification, multiple choices,…







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