E-learning is a term coined in October 1999 at the International Convention of Computer-Based Training and but it didn’t become pervasive until a decade later. In 2008, OES executed the its first E-learning project with the help of the Global Competitive Facility of the Danish government. The goal of the project is to boost competitiveness of Vietnamese exporting companies in the international market. Ever since the success of the first project, OES has been putting time and efforts into promoting this new learning method by creating and providing E-learning courses for businesses. 

 The initial expenses of an E-learning project can be quite costly. They usually include building E-learning software (about 26,000 USD), server, labor, creating E-learning courses,… Thus, back the, businesses that were implementing with E-learning generally had some foreign connections. For example, a company could be in Vietnam, but its mother company could have been situated in the US. The company in Vietnam , then, could use the existing E-learning program which the mother company had provided; the training contents were often translated into Vietnamese from English. Additionally, many banks and other large businesses such as BaoViet Bank, Phu Thai Group, Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) started to utilize E-learning as a tool to assist face-to-face employee training. However, most businesses and organizations were hesitant to the idea of E-learning due to its infancy in Vietnamese business market. There were also businesses who became doubtful about the idea under the negative impressions of a a few one-sided E-learning service providers. OES then applied the University of Illinois’s ‘Enhancing E-learning Lecturing Potential” course, media campaigns, training programs,…have played a role in popularizing E-learning in Vietnamese market.

  Over the years, along with the fast-paced development of technology, E-learning are also seeing many stark changes. What used to be simple like document files in PDF, PPT, low-quality videos, SCORM files with simple graphics, have become high-resolution Full HD, 4K videos, lectures are now portrayed with extricate animation, motion graphic, lectures can now be viewed as well as interacted with by users. Gradually, E-learning softwares are getting equipped with more features, helps improving user interface design (UI) and user experience (UX).

      In early 2019, OES signed with OWS Japan and released new “ E-learning software system on Cloud computing”. It’s an E-learning software system crafted by Japanese and Vietnamese engineers, specifically for Vietnamese market. This new system is not only optimal in data structure but also in user interface learning management,..Particularly, its app mobile version (applicable to iOS and Android) can satisfy training needs and assists internal media. There have also been many breakthroughs in methods to develop E-learning systems. OES provides many options: OES can set up the E-learning on the business’s server (the full package), which require a great amount of investment (around 43,000 USD and up), at the same time, the business itself needs to have an experienced technical team to achieve and maintain a well-developed E-learning system. However, currently, OES also provide the option to rent E-learning system which are applicable to every business scale, dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of employees. That way, businesses do not have to spend a fortune on developing a huge E-learning system by themselves. Instead, they can rent one from OES for much lower price of roughly 2 USD/person. OES has the latest systems and technology, an official domain and a 24/7 assistance from the technical team.

     In the current industry 4.0, in order to compete, businesses have to catch up with technology trends. At the same time, the rise in the number of businesses utilizing E-learning in their training programs also encourages many other big and small businesses to do the same.

     The biggest thing that sets OES apart from other E-learning providers. We got the steady educational foundation of OMT company. Thus, we understand in order to improve employee training quality, it is more important to consider it as “investing” and not “costing”. With over 10 years of experience in developing E-learning in Vietnam, OES is one of the few companies to provide a complete E-learning experience, developing E-learning systems, building E-learning courses, and most importantly, assisting our customers in every step of the way. 

     Looking back all these years, there have been ups and downs, but our passions in E-learning development and customer satisfactions are what keeping us going into the future.